Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saddle Lake serpent, part of a hoax?

 As recently as 1984 there have been reports of a serpent in Saddle Lake but Was the Saddle Lake Monster a hoax? There is a newspaper report about the hunt for the creature.
THE SERPENT OF SADDLE LAKE -Halloween night, 1984, an Alberta government helicopter flew out to Saddle Lake to hunt for a mysterious monster. Professor James Butler, Social Science professor at the University of Alberta feels that there may be some truth to the story.
IN1984, the local native tribal council actually closed  access to the lake, partially out of fear of the monster. The University of Alberta came and patrolled the lake with a depth sounder, and a government helicopter was called in for an aerial look .Saddle Lake is downstream from Edmonton, and is connected to the river so  some thought it may be Ogopogo passing through.
The ogopogo sightings were the invention of Grace Schierholtz, according to Brian Mazza  he said she set out to prove that the upper reaches of the North Saskatchewan River were the spawning ground for the British Columbia monster. But the local peoples claim there has been a serpent in saddle lake for over 100 years. Would they close access to the river for a hoax? Certainly something to ponder over, was it  a legend, a creature in the lake or a hoax to prove a theory?

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D.Thompson said...

hi there i wood like more info on this lake monster i heard of a young girl who disappered in the 30's she was bout 6 yrs old praying to the sprits and it is said the snake or serpent took her she was not seen again and no-one ever wrote bout that...another story is bout the little people the live by the streams in saddlelake

Anonymous said...

Coming from Saddle Lake Cree Nation myself I've been told that the Cree people lived in the area of Saddle Lake, known as Onicikiskwapowin in our native tongue, for generations. And in those generations a great serpent called 'kihci-manitow nipiy misi-kinêpik' was always present in lore and legends. There's hardly any pictures or videos as evidence but you will always hear stories about people seeing something strange in the lake. The lake itself is fairly small but has depths that reach hundreds of feet. During the 60's and 70's Saddle Lake was a favorite fishing spot for many non-Aboriginal peoples but many people reported seeing something strange and quit going to the lake. I'm afraid to go in the lake myself because the water is so polluted from the Indians that surround it.

Anonymous said...

I too am a Saddle Lake Cree member and lived by the lake as a child. I have heard stories from my grandfather about the serpent but, have never saw anything unusual in the lake. I'm not saying that I don't believe. I do. My uncle had told us back in the 1980's, a couple of non- aboriginal men went to fish at the lake one day and came running back to his place because they had seen something that looked so horrible that they left their fishing gear, boat and vehicle and ran. My uncle had to go with some help to retrieve their belongings because they did not want to ever go back there again. As for the comment made by anonymous: The lake was polluted by those that leased land for crop and sprayed pesticides by plane to get rid of hoppers and such. Spraying crops by plane is now banned due to the toxins in the water.

Anonymous said...

im from s.l and me and my family seen it in 1999 its the biggest snake i ever seen it strecthed across the whole lake bumps in and out of the water then it made a horse shoe shape thats the first time i seen it and the last time i ever seen we would of took a pic but no one had a camera and now no one believes we seen it

Anonymous said...

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